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Fuzzy Set


Includes Nook Pillow, Wiggle Pillow insert & Wiggle Pillow Cover.

Start Building!



A trifecta of comfy! Make anywhere your soft spot with these cozy Nook and Wiggle Pillows, which are covered in super snuggly fuzz made from recycled plastic.

Nook Pillow

  • Provides neck and back support wherever you’re lounging
  • Cover made from GRS-certified, recycled polyester fluff and dyed with water-saving, toxic-chemical-free dyes

Wiggle Pillow

  • Perfect for full-body support while sleeping, snuggling, and during pregnancy
  • Ultra-smooth fiber blend gets softer with each wash

Wiggle Pillow Cover

  • Perfect for turning your supportive Wiggle Pillow into a comfy couch sculpture
  • Dyed with water-saving, toxic-chemical-free dyes

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