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A stack of U-shaped fuzzy pillows on a wooden bench in front of windows.

It’s chilly out there! And so much the better, because at Buffy we know a thing or two about staying stylish whilst staying indoors. From funky pillows to bright blankets and our new snow-hued Eucalyptus Sheet Set...the only thing missing from this lookbook is a steaming mug of something-or-other.

Meet the (new) Cloud!

All the snuggliness of the original, just washable (and a little more wonderful).

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Does your radiator make wintertime feel like July in South Florida? Both our eucalyptus lyocell and hemp linen sheeting fabrics release excess heat, so you can keep cozy and comfortable.

Rolled quilted blankets in various color on a wooden chair.

Woman lying on a yellow couch resting on a long light pink fuzzy pillow with other pillows surrounding her