We believe comfy is the most important feeling in the world, because when you’re feeling comfy you’re feeling good.

But we also believe the products that make us comfortable shouldn’t turn around and hurt the planet we love.

That’s why we’re cleaning up textiles, one of the planet’s most polluting and wasteful industries.

We're here to clean up the streets and seas. Buffy was born in a family with 20+ years of experience in textiles - and we figured out how to rejuvenate PET bottles into one of the finest textiles fibers available.

The conventional comforter is one of the most environmentally harmful products we own.

Water Waste

Buying a comforter with cotton fabric isn’t like buying a t-shirt. The average queen comforter needs 100 square feet of cotton fabric - which in turn needs 1000-3000 gallons of water to grow. Each year, Americans waste 20 billion gallons of water to grow the cotton in the comforters we buy.

Animal Cruelty

The typical 2 pounds of down required to fill a comforter means a dozen birds were live plucked. The industry live-plucks over 4 million birds a year (eventually sending them to slaughter).

Our mission is to make comfy products using innovative materials and design - not animal cruelty or waste.

Instead of cotton, Buffy opts for silk-soft natural eucalyptus fibers - which use 10x less water to cultivate and are milled in a zero-footprint, Oeko-tex certified environment in Austria. Instead of down, Buffy opts to make its own rejuvenated microfiber, made seven times finer than an eyelash (so it’s lighter and softer than down).

Didn’t think you could save the world by choosing the right comforter?

Think again :)

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