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Eucalyptus Body Pillow Cover


Add an extra layer of cuddle-able comfort with this silky-smooth cover.



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Our Eucalyptus Body Pillow Covers are the perfect cooling, breathable, and washable layer between you and your body pillow.

  • Super-soft, 300 single-ply thread count sateen weave fabric woven from lyocell fiber
  • Fiber dyed with plant-based, natural ingredients
  • Ultra-smooth TENCEL™ lyocell fiber absorbs moisture more efficiently than conventional cotton, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the night


  • TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources like eucalyptus and harvested from sustainably managed forests
  • These plant-based fibers are fully biodegradable and compostable
  • We use natural ingredients like turmeric, rose petals, bark, and gardenia to create our subtle fiber dyed colors
  • Designed to fit most standard body pillows


  • One Size: 21” x 55”

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
  • Unlike plants, these pillow covers do not like to soak up the sun, so keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

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Close crop of a bed with gray and blue solid and stripe sheets, featuring a body pillow in dark blue eucalyptus cover.

Keep your cool!

Our silky soft fabric is cool-to-the-touch and perfect for sensitive skin. TENCEL™ lyocell fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than conventional cotton to keep you feeling comfy and dry throughout the night.

Made for a lifetime.

Sustainably harvested wood pulp from eucalyptus trees transformed into textile fibers. We apply our unique weave to produce our silk-soft eucalyptus fabric. The result is a uniquely durable yet low-impact fiber.

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CO2e = Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
This handy metric expresses global warming potential by including all of the relevant greenhouse gasses and converting their long-term impacts to that of CO2.