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CO2e is a handy metric that expresses global warming potential by including all of the relevant greenhouse gasses and converting their long-term impacts to that of CO2 (cool!). We’ve introduced them across our store to make it even easier to see the impact of our products as you shop.


Aren't carbon emissions and CO2 the same?

Actually, no! Carbon emissions and CO2 aren’t the same thing. CO2, or carbon dioxide (you knew that one) is a form of carbon emission, but so are other greenhouse gases like CH4 (methane) and N2O (nitrous oxide). To equate these gases and their different effects, we look at how much time they stay in the atmosphere, and how much heat they absorb while up there.


Read the Case Study!

Our friends at Ecochain helped us build a tool for assessing the environmental impact for all present—and future!—products. Check out their Buffy case study.

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