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We offer a 7 night trial period to let you sleep with our products before you commit to buying. Your Buffy will ship within 1 business day via UPS ground (3-5 business days for most customers, next day for NYC customers). After you place your order, a temporary hold will be applied to the card you use at checkout, which may appear as “pending” or “processing” on your account.

If you decide Buffy is not right for you, initiate your return within 30 days by calling (855) 466-4812, Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm EST.

The outside shell is made of 100% eucalyptus fiber, also known as lyocell. The inside fill is made from 100% recycled polyester spun from bpa-free, PET water bottles.

Not all textiles are created equal. We only use sustainable and renewable versions of those materials you might already be familiar with.


We use eucalyptus fiber, also known as lyocell, a sustainable form of rayon. It’s sourced from the wood pulp of renewable eucalyptus trees, which consume 10x less water than cotton to cultivate, and transformed into fiber using a closed-loop system which reuses 99% of solvents to create little-to-no waste.


We do not use virgin polyester in our fill. Instead, we use 100% recycled BPA-free, PET plastic water bottles. These bottles are diverted from oceans and landfills, transformed, and given a second life as a soft, fluffy fiber.

300 single-ply thread count.

We are working on adding more products to the Buffy family soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram account for updates!

Care Instructions

Our comforters stay in their best shape when dry cleaned. Machine washing and drying may potentially damage Buffy comforters, so we do not recommend cleaning it that way.

Because of our comforters unique properties, they are great at staying clean. The eucalyptus fibers help naturally resist mold or mildew (which can accumulate in down comforters). It also resists dust mites and other microbes and pathogens.

If you prefer to machine wash your bedding frequently, a duvet cover can help keep your comforter clean. This way you can just remove the cover and machine wash it without having to bring your comforter to the dry cleaners as frequently.

Yes, our sheets are very special, but, thankfully, their care instructions are not! Just machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Unlike plants, these sheets do not love to soak up the sun, so keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Returned Comforters

We do not resell returned comforters. We donate them to local charities and shelters.

Payment, Discounts & Shipping

We accept all major US credit cards.

You may only use one discount code per order.  Discount codes cannot be combined.

We ship everywhere in the continental US. We offer free UPS Ground Shipping (3-5 business days) on all orders. We also offer expedited shipping (2 days) for $49 within the continental US. All shipping is certified carbon-free.

We ship to Canada upon request. If you’d like to ship to Canada, please reach out to us at hello@buffy.co or 1.855.466.4812, Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm EST.

We do not offer international shipping at the moment.