Frequently Asked Questions


You can try the Buffy comforter totally free for 30 nights.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your Buffy Comforter
2. Checkout
3. Lean back
4. Put hands behind head
5. Chill out
6. Stare out window, longingly

Your new Buffy will be shipped to you. You’ll then have 30 nights to fall in love with the fluffiness that is Buffy(ness). If you fall hard enough and decide to put a ring on it after your 30 night trial, you will then be charged. Your 30 nights start on the day you order your Buffy. 

If you decide Buffy is not for you and you want to get back “out there” you can easily return it within the 30 nights (and your credit card will never be charged). To initiate a quick and easy return, call (855) 466-4812, Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm EST.

NOTE ON THE TRIAL: To reserve your free trial, Buffy takes a hold for 30 days for the full amount of your Buffy. Rest assured, you won’t actually be charged until after your 30 night trial, if you choose to keep it.


What makes Buffy so fluffy?

Approximately 70% of the entire comforter is lyocell - a natural textile made 100% from wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, which are sustainably sourced from Germany. It feels like cotton but is cooling and hypoallergenic. The remaining 30% is a new microfiber that was developed by scientists in Colorado called 37.5 Technology. It uses natural volcanic minerals (infused within every yarn at a microscopic level) to make your Buffy breathable.

Oh, and there's also an unquantifiable amount of pure, undiluted love!

How does Buffy work?

Unlike traditional down or down alternative comforters (which are designed only to trap heat), the Buffy comforter uses natural volcanic minerals to "breathe" out any unwanted, extra heat and moisture.

What should I know about volcanic minerals?

The microscopic and all natural volcanic minerals in every Buffy is similar to the volcanic minerals in baths or wraps at a high end spa.

In our comforter, these minerals are small enough that 10,000 particles fit on the period at the end of this sentence (they are VVV tiny) and they're fully infused with the fabric fibers at a microscopic level. It doesn't leak or fade or wear with wash - and we're happy to send you the testing results to prove it! Because the particles actually infused inside the tiny fibers in the comforter, there's no way they can come off, wear out or go away.

What’s the thread count?

You will be getting comfy with 320 threads baby! This many threads help to keep you wrapped up in breathable, light and so soft fluffiness.


Buffy's unique materials make it great at staying clean! Its eucalyptus fibers naturally repel mold, mildew, dust mites and other microbes or pathogens (which can accumulate in down).

Buffy can be spot cleaned in the case of an accidental spill. 

Buffy is machine washable in a large commercial washing machine, if you do not have access to a large commercial washing machine we recommend you dry clean the Buffy. Smaller washing machines may potentially damage your Buffy.

A duvet cover can also help keep your Buffy clean and make laundry day easier. Of course, if you love your Buffy you can have it dry cleaned periodically (e.g. every 3-6 months). Your Buffy is made from ingredients to love and care for, and dry cleaning will ensure it lasts a lifetime.


We currently accept all major US credit cards. 

We currently ship everywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Oh, and did we mention we offer free UPS Ground shipping (4-7 business days) on all orders shipping within the US? :)

For those of you who don’t like waiting by the mailbox, we also offer expedited shipping (2 business days) for $49.

We don’t ship internationally yet, but that doesn't mean we won’t in the future!


Is there a warranty? 

Every Buffy owner is automatically enrolled into *Buffy Care*. Buffy Care ensures the comforter arrives perfect and stays perfect. So if your Buffy is defective or damaged without having been mistreated or subjected to irregular wear and tear - we'll take it back and send you a new one!

Here are some examples of situations that *do not* fall under our policy:

-Your roommate steals your Buffy
-You’ve spilled red wine on your Buffy
-You’ve decided to incorporate Buffy into your wardrobe and have been photographed in your Buffy too many times 

Just email or call us at or 1.855.466.4812 and let us know if there's anything wrong with your comforter. Buffy Care is here to help!   


That’s a very good question!

We are partnering with local shelters in cities that have the highest population of people without homes to deliver our returned comforters. Did you know that there are over 500,000 people that are without homes just in the United States alone. That is a staggering number and we want to do our part as humans to be a part of the solution.

Do you send returned comforters for the trial?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You’ll indulge in brand newness! To behonest, we’re pretty sure once we have you under a Buffy you won’t be coming out for a while :wink:


Why not! Buffy offers an outstanding alternative to traditional goose down comforters, so you can feel better about getting comfy under a Buffy! ‘Life after Down’ can be your reality and you can sleep soundly knowing it. You know those cute birds that fly in a giant V shape? They’re still up there flyin’ around because of you.