Home goods for the home planet!

We're on a mission to help you live comfortably—without making our planet uncomfortable. That’s why we use earth-friendly materials to create more sustainable products, from first sketch to last stitch and beyond.

They don't just help you feel good today.

They contribute real good for tomorrow.


Our Responsible Business Practices

CO2 Offsets

We offset all CO2 emissions generated from freight and customer shipments.

Donated Returns

Did you know you can’t legally resell most bedding once it’s been opened? Now you do! Unlike that too-big tee you sent back, a returned comforter or sheet set can’t be sold again.

We aim to minimize return waste by encouraging Buffy customers to donate their unwanted products (for a refund, of course) so they get a second lease on life. For more information on donating, drop a line to hello@buffy.co!

Additional Material Certifications
  • Boxes made from FSC-certified recycled materials.
  • All recycled polyester fill either GRS (Global Recycling Standard) or RCS (Recycled Claims Standard) certified.

The 10-year goal?

Closed Loop Comfort.

We're proud of how far we've come—but we know there's more to do! That’s why we're working towards a closed loop system where everything we take from our planet, we'll replenish, and nothing harmful will go back in. That means looking extra carefully at our entire supply chain, from shipping and logistics to material sourcing and packaging. We won't close the loop next week or even next year. But we're starting the work now, and sharing our progress—and challenges—with you as we go.

4 things we’re focusing on for an earth-friendlier future.

Responsible materials.

Responsible materials.

We aim to make all our products from entirely natural, recycled, or recyclable materials (or—even better—all three!).
Product quality and durability.

Product quality and durability.

We know one of the earth-friendliest things we can do is offer products that our customers will use for years (and decades) to come. That means wear-testing our home goods for maximum durability, and offering care instructions that help extend their lifespan.
Responsible transport and logistics.

Responsible transport and logistics.

In the future, we aim to offset CO2 emitted from our entire supply chain—not just freight and customer shipments!
Responsible end-of-life.

Responsible end-of-life.

Our goal is to make products that are either biodegradable or fully recyclable, and before then, create a return takeback program to give gently-used Buffy products new life.

The Timeline

By 2022
  • Weigh impact for all new material and manufacturing decisions through third-party validated assessment tool.
  • Communicate low impact care instructions for all products.
  • Adapt existing products for lower impact care.
By 2025
  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions.
  • Create roadmap for end-of-life solutions for all products and materials.