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Designed for a lifetime of chill, our naturally breathable, mega-durable Hemp Linen is made from a special fiber—maybe you’ve heard of it?—that might just help us get out of the climate crisis! Not only does hemp use fewer chemicals and less land than cotton, but its relaxed look means you can make the bed (or leave it a lil messy!) and still feel like a person who has things figured out.

All the casual magic of flax linen—just way earth-friendlier and more durable!

How earth-friendlyis hemp?

Not only does hemp absorb 5x more CO2 from the air than trees, but it’s naturally resistant to pests (no gross herbicides here), promotes biodiversity, and even improves soil over time—unlike flax linen, which depletes it. And thanks to extra-long staple fibers (which range between 4-7 feet in length), it’s naturally stronger and more durable than other fabrics!

Easy does it.

Decidedly un-crunchy, our Hemp Linen is one of those “where-have-you-been-all-my-life” fabrics that will have linen fanatics rethinking everything they thought they knew about comfy, casual bedding.

A material difference!

A cool fact to repeat to a friend about your new sheets? In a head-to-head comparison, we found that a conventional cotton duvet cover uses 2.75 times as much fresh water as one of our Eucalyptus Duvet Covers. That’s a lot!

Your burning hemp questions, answered.

Yes, it comes from that plant. No, it's not scratchy.
What’s the difference between hemp linen and flax linen?

Good question! It’s actually the type of the yarn and the weave that makes a fabric “linen.” Our Hemp Linen is just as easy and breezy as traditional flax linen—just way more resilient and earth-friendly!

Is Soft Hemp machine washable?

Yep! Hemp is amazingly strong and long lasting, which means it launders easily and actually softens up with use. Plus, it line dries in a hurry. Wows all around!

Is Hemp Linen scratchy?

No way. Ours is washed and tumbled for superior softness (without any harmful softening chemicals, of course).

Can I compost Hemp Linen?

You bet! Although our hemp bedding is designed to last for decades to come, if you ever feel like getting rid of it (and don’t feel like making napkins), just rip or cut it into strips to scatter more evenly in your compost bin!

Sloppy? Never! Delightfully undone? Definitely! Hemp Linen offers a casual, lived-in look we can’t get enough of.


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