Comfy Digital Gift Card


The easiest, earth-friendliest, digital insta-gift ever!


Gift card purchases are final sale. Promotions and discounts do not apply. You will receive your gift card within 24 hours.
  • For immediate or last minute gift giving via email.
  • No additional processing fees.
  • Gift cards are final sale and excluded from any sales or discounts.
  • Delivered via email to the buyer immediately after purchase with gift card redemption instructions.

No gifting guilt!

Picking the perfect gift is a lot of pressure! With the Comfy Digital Gift Card, your giftee can pick out what they want without you worrying they'll be all, "Thanks for this Cloud, I wanted the Breeze, but really, it's fine."

Procrastinators, rejoice!

Maybe our Comfy Digital Gift Card will get you out of a pickle, or maybe it’s been your plan all along! Either way, it’s guaranteed same day delivery—right into your giftee’s inbox.