Soft on your bed. Soft on the earth.

Eucalyptus Meet Eucalyptus

We started with a mission to help you live comfortably without making the planet uncomfortable. Like goldilocks and her chairs, we set out to find just the right materials to make it happen. Cotton involved too much water and pesticides. Down feathers harmed animals. Then we found it, earth-friendly eucalyptus—the original Buffy fiber that started it all!

Silky-smooth and cool-to-the-touch!

With its rich feel, you might never guess our eucalyptus is made from natural wood pulp. Plus, it efficiently absorbs moisture to help you feel cool and dry—even in higher temperatures!

Less sneezy,
 more breezy.

Eucalyptus fiber is so smooth that it has no nooks or crannies for allergy-causing microorganisms to live in (so you wake up without a runny nose).

Though it creates bedding that’s made to last for years to come, our eucalyptus is biodegradable and can return to the earth. We think bedding that moves in cycles, just like the rhythm of our sleep, is a beautiful thing.