Recycled Plastic Fill

The stuff that makes our fluff!

Recycled Plastic Fill Get Fluffy

Wondering what gives our Cloud Comforter, Cloud Pillow, and Plushy such exquisite, over-the-top floof? Wonder no more! For the earth-friendliest puff possible, we source plastic bottles diverted from landfill and ocean that have been recycled and shredded into marshmallowy soft goodness.

Recycled Plastic Collection Image

Pro-planet poofiness.

Our Recycled Plastic Fill comes from a Global Recycling Standard certified facility in Estonia that specializes in converting food grade plastic containers into new materials—so that juice container you popped in the blue bin might be keeping someone cozy right this minute!

Warm and cozy.

One of the key benefits of Recycled Plastic Fill is that it retains a just-right level of heat to stay snug during a movie marathon in bed, but not so hot you have to kick off the covers.

Comfy cleanup crew.

Our stuffed-with-recycled-fluff styles—the Cloud Comforter, Cloud Pillow and Plushy—keep about 50, 30 and 16 plastic bottles out of landfill (and far away from our marine friends!), respectively.

Did you know there’s entirely too much plastic on our planet? Yep—and by 2050, scientists predict there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! To give it a softer second life, we’re committed to working with recycled plastic materials where possible.